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[fic] underwater kisses

Underwater Kisses
donghae/eunhyuk. 945 words. r. romance, implied!smut
Donghae knew he should not get jealous over TV shows. He knows, but as always it’s the hardest thing to do.


Donghae’s breathing was coming hard and his head was beginning to hurt. Drawing up his courage, Donghae glanced at him. Yeah, there he was, naturally and gratefully had his lips pressed to Sungmin’s. He felt his head pounded a lot.
He couldn’t take this anymore.

Gathering all his strength Donghae pushed upward, craving for air.

“Huaah!” he gasped, taking as much air as he could in one breath.

Donghae could feel blood rushing to his head as he saw Sungmin hyung pressing his lips desperately to Hyukjae’s. No, his.

“Yah Donghae! Donghae. After three minutes and ten seconds, how was your breathing?” he heard Shindong-yup asked loudly, trying to get his attention back. Right, this damn show must go on.

Putting on his best learned smile plastered on his face, Donghae shook his head, “No, it’s way too difficult! My head hurt.” he said, aware that the other group’s so called ‘experiment’ is still continuing. Gritting his teeth so hard that it hurts, he found himself laughing bitterly as Hyukjae rejected Kangin and reached out for Sungmin when he should have asked for him, Donghae, his boyfriend instead.

“Hahaha.” Just great.


“Aaaand, Six minutes passed!!” exclaimed Shindong-yup like a good MC he was. Donghae heard everybody including himself cheered happily.

“Ok! Please come up! Come up!”

His smile faltered slightly as he saw Sungmin continued giving Hyukjae air, not even aware of the others. Engrossed much? he thought. Could not take it anymore, he marched off toward them and pulled Hyukjae upward, glaring at his brightly smiling face.

“It’s over.” Donghae muttered grudgingly, dragging him to the side. He saw him beamed proudly at Sungmin, waving his thumb up and found himself unconsciously hardened his grip around Hyukjae’s wrist. Hyukjae flinched.


They were coming out of the pool to have a shower when Donghae called,

“Hyukkie...” Hyukjae turned around only to face a glaring Donghae. Knowing pefectly well where this was going on, Hyukjae could only sighed.

“Hae, that was only for show. Sungmin-hyung was giving me air, not kissing me”

Donghae gripped his wrist and pulled him into the pool. Hyukjae tried to protest and let go of himself but Donghae’s grip was too strong. “Haeee” he whined, annoyed.

“The water’s really cold and I want to take a showe― ummmph!” Hyukjae couldn’t finish his sentence as his mouth was suddenly occupied by another pair of lips, crashing harshly against his own. He tried to fight off at first but in the end he gave up. It’s better to let Donghae have his way and end this quickly.

“H-hae!” gasped Hyukjae as he felt the other’s hand slipped under his swimming trunk, rubbing his hardening member. Hyukjae let out a throaty moan against the younger man lips, parting his own lips in action, letting Donghae shoved his tongue inside.

“Uhh, Hyukkie…” panted Donghae while sucking and tasting the inside of his boyfriend’s mouth. He pushed Hyukjae’s body against the pool’s cold tiles, making the other shiver from the cold.

Hyukjae willed himself and tried to push Donghae away. “H-hae, we’re in a fucking pool! What if someone see us?!” he whispered breathlessly. He then pushed himself upward and sits on the side, trying to stand up but unfortunately for him, Donghae was faster and suddenly arms were around his waist, holding him down.

“They are showering, they won’t see us.” breathed Donghae, looking up from his standing position in the pool. Hyukjae gulped as he saw the aroused expression in his lover’s face. Donghae then quickly grabbed the waistband of the other’s swimming trunk, tugging it down lustfully, exposing Hyukjae’s erected cock to the cold water. ”I need to clean you up first baby.” he murmured softly while Hyukjae thought hard about what his little cock has to do with him kissing being given air by Sungmin.

Donghae smirked at the sight and quickly engulfed his Hyukkie’s whole length into his mouth. He felt Hyukjae shuddered at this and began sucking and bobbing his head, giving it teasing licks and sucks. Hyukjae moaned out loud,

“Hae, they might not see, but they can still hear us” he said, trying to reason before letting out another pleasured moan loudly.

“You should shut your mouth up then” replied Donghae, looking up with Hyukjae’s member still inside his mouth, smirking widely.


“Where are Hyukjae and Donghae?” asked Leeteuk, drying his hair with towel, at Hangeng. The china man just shrugged uninterestedly and went to Heechul. Leeteuk rolled his eyes at him.

“Knowing Donghae, they would probably in some dark corners right now.” snickered Kangin, cocking his eyebrows suggestively. All the other members except for Leeteuk and Sungmin laughed out loud, giving agreeing nods and yeses.

“Huh? What do you mean, Kangin? What the hell would they do in some dark corners?” asked the confused Leeteuk, demanding answers.

“The same thing I know Kyuhyun will do to me when we got home, hyung” muttered Sungmin darkly, shivering at the thought.

At that the members laughed again while Leeteuk made a sympathetic sound of understanding.


Leeteuk didn’t ask anything about the two missing boys again, instead, he patted Sungmin’s back and silently prayed for Hyukjae’s well being, hoping Donghae remembers that they have a dance show in two days. Hell, it would be a disaster if Hyukjae can't dance properly or even at all there.

He then tried to control his bandmates who were roaring in laughters, oblivious to Hyukjae’s gurgled moans and screams under the water.

author's note: lol i totally forgot about this. i wrote this long time ago, when i re-watched the EHB ^^~ ep 12 is totally epic, yes?
Tags: fanfictions, oneshots, pairing: donghaexeunhyuk
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