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[fic] his everything

His Everything
past!siwon/eunhyuk, donghae/eunhyuk. 960 words. nc-17. romance, angst
Sometimes Hyukjae thinks if it was all for the better.

—”Siwonnie...” he muttered in what he hoped sounds husky. He leaned forward and started nuzzling the other’s neck. Hearing the other man chuckled throatily, he felt a fluttery feeling straight in his stomach.

“Yeah, Hyukjae?” asked Siwon, amusement thick in his voice.—

“H-Hae...” Hyukjae moaned loudly as he felt Donghae suckling his neck roughly, leaving red marks he knew he would need to hide later. Ah, the joy of wearing turtlenecks in summer, he winced.

“Yeah?” he heard Donghae slurred lazily, too busy marking his milky white skin with red hickeys, proof of fresh sex session. Hyukjae let out another wanton moan as Donghae licked his taut nipple, teeth scraping the sensitive skin lightly. He wounded his hands on the other’s soft curls and tugged it softly, encouraging for more.

“Fuck me now” he murmured, bringing his lips on Donghae’s, blushing furiously.

Donghae laughed against their kiss and breathed, “I was just getting to that baby”.

Hyukjae arched his back when Donghae pushed himself inside of him, filling him wholly. He groaned in bliss loving every sensations it gave to his frail and sensitive body, whispering Donghae’s name over and over again.

— “Hyuk” Siwon whispered to him in between their sweet kisses in which Hyukjae moaned in response.

“I-i want you, Hyuk” murmured the lean man as his hands started tumbling Hyukjae’s shirt buttons unsurely, hesitating. Hyukjae smiled, after numerously rejecting the offer, he was finally ready to nod his head eagerly. Hyukjae raised both of his hands to his own buttons and helped Siwon undoing them all while Siwon stared at him in surprise, joy and lusted look.

“Me too” he said before SIwon covered his lips with his own.—

Hyukjae felt Donghae scraped his prostrate as he pounded inside him, rough and eager. Feeling himself building up from the ecstasy, Hyukjae lowered his hand down to his throbbing member which was leaking with precum right now.

Donghae smiled understandingly at him and pounded faster and harder, wanting to release at the same time as the man beneath him. At that Hyukjae hooked his kegs tighter around Donghae’s waist and moaned wantonly.

“Hae!” he panted as he spread his legs wider, allowing the other man to thrust deeper inside him. Donghae groaned.

— He felt soft trembling hand caressing his wet cheek, giving a vain try to wipe his still flowing tears away.

Hyukjae hiccuped and whispered desperately, “No, Siwon, you must hang in there!”

Siwon smiled sadly and croaked in between his heavy breaths, “I’m so sorry Hyukjae... I... don’t think... i can...”

“God don’t talk now Siwon, just hang in there! Donghae’s called the ambulance, he said they are coming any minute now!” cried Hyukjae loudly. Siwon shook his head weakly and Hyukjae cried, lowering his head listlessly. “Please.... Please don’t leave me. You said you love me! Don’t leave me alone, Siwon...” he begged softly, grasping Siwon’s bloodied hand tightly, bringing it to his chest.

“I’m sorry and I love you Hyuk” Siwon murmured, barely audible. He then gazed at Donghae, who was also started crying, in silence and mouthed, unheard to Hyukjae but understood perfectly by Donghae, take good care of him...

Donghae noded firmly and sobbed because Siwon had finally breathed his very last one with Hyukjae weeping on his wounded chest, crying his heart out. —

Reaching his orgasm, Hyukjae released at the same time as Donghae did, spilling his cum on his and the younger man’s defined abs while Donghae had his inside of him, filling Hyukjae fully with his liquid.

Taking out his spent member slowly out Hyukjae’s dripping entrance, Donghae hovered above him.

“You miss him” he breathed, sadness thick in his voice, as he wiped the tears Hyukjae didn’t even know were there with his thumbs softly. Only then Hyukjae realized that he was crying, real bad.

Unable to lie, “Yeah” he replied, wiping them with the back of his hand quickly. He had determined to not cry in front of the other and broke his heart... Again... And yeah, as always he fails at it.

“I’m so sorry baby” murmured Donghae, before kissing him, sweet and loving, just like the way Hyukjae likes it.

— “Can you say it again?” he asked cheerfully, tugging at Siwon’s perfectly muscled arm.

Siwon raised his eyebrow, amused, “Say what?”

“Say that you love me.”

Smiling wide, the younger man said, “I love you Hyukjae” making the said man blushed and grinned wider.

“I...” —

“Do you still love him?” Donghae asked for the millionth time.

Thinking of himself who couldn’t even bear the memories of him saying ‘i love you’ to Siwon, Hyukjae said,

“He was my everything. I loved him.”

Hyukjae knew he won’t be able to forget about the other man, the happy and sad moments they went through together and actually he didn’t want to. Hyukjae has Donghae now and he was immensely grateful that Donghae understands him and even want him to cherish the memories he had of him and Siwon together.

Hyukjae loves Donghae so much that sometimes he thinks if it was all for the better, that the whole thing was fated.He knew that Siwon still holds an irreplaceable place in his fickle heart, a place where even Donghae can’t replace with, just like Siwon can’t replace Donghae.

Donghae leaned in closer and claimed his bruised lips, embracing Hyukjae tightly and protectively. Smiling lightly, he breathed against Hyukjae’s plump lips, “You used past tense. What about now?”

Hyukjae sighed, his little lover knows the answer damn well but just have the need to ask.

“Now, you are my everything. I love you Hae”

author's note: was feeling depressed and shuffling through the 100 challenge list. somehow the word 'crackle' actually made me think of this though i didnt even know what did that mean then - -"
Tags: fanfictions, pairing: donghaexeunhyuk, pairing: eunhyukxsiwon
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