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my writings and drawings are going to be posted on insertin_fishy as of today

Well my mum found out about this journal ;___;
actually its more like she found out that i write, you know, stuffs. xD
she thought i was writing some kind of fluffy sweet shit about suju lol

I was kinda lucky she didnt ground me, but anyways
she was about to make me stop writing you see and we argued at midnight about it.

me, going, "WTH, ive told you i write bad things!"
and she's like, "i didnt know it's that bad!"> lol
she read one of it lmaoo, i think it's Slut xDD

she even threatened to tell my dad ._.

well anyways, now i need to make my entries private or some other shit. I don't really feel like friending ppl so that they can read my fics, you see :( its not really worth it for them and its a pain to keep changing the security. LOL yesterday cherrybeyla made a personal journal and i thought i should just make one too. xD

as you prbbly already know, i loveee my username, and so i made a comm instead

yeah, im going to post all my fics and shits on insertin_fishy from now on~

for those who added me for my fics, IM SORRY ;____;

IM GOING TO MAKE fishydotlove full personal journal xD

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