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[fic] with a star

With a Star
donghae/eunhyuk. 697 words. pg. romance
Hyukjae is always full of doubts, worries and sometimes... regrets...

Going out with a famous person is a challenge and it is never easy, even more so when that famous guy has more than a million fans waiting to rip and eat you up alive...

I laid my head down on his chest, comforting myself with his steady rhythm of breathing, raising his hard muscled chest up and down. Feeling tired from the day, I closed my eyes slowly. Letting my mind wanders freely and I could feel the thought , ’what if’s started flooding my mind.

What if he never saw him at all?

Not that it would only be a waste of life for missing him, but at least he wouldn’t need to see him from afar, living everyday in fear of someone sees him coming out of his flat every night. But of course, he just had to saw him and fell in love immediately the first time he saw the said man on tv. Keeping his bedroom door wide open so as to hear his mother shouts whenever he was on air, that is until he drained all his savings and bought a new LCD for his room the very next month.

What if he never met him, coincidentally or not?

He wouldn’t have this annoying heartache, which always comes attacking his poor heart and mind whenever he sees him, close with some gorgeous plastic girls on air, hugging, kissing or even sometimes pretending to have sex, while there he is, watching him faithfully with tears in his eyes, thinking of the lies to tell the other when he got home. The usual, “Hey, what have you been doing? Did you watch Tv?” “No, why?” “Nothing.” But of course he just had to bumped into him in the elevator in his agency building for about twenty times and finally being asked for his name.

What if he never agreed to go out with him?

He wouldn’t need to suffer like this, instead, charmed by all his perfections and wide, happy smile, he just had to nod his head like his life depended on it and blushed furiously, matching his red fiery hair.

And the list keeps going on.

“Hyukkie...” he said, ever so softly against my ear.

“Hmnn?” I mused, looking up at him from his chest. He was having that serious expression on his face and I just couldn’t help but find it sexy.

He hesitated for a second before breathed, biting his lip, “Move in with me, Hyuk.”

I swear my heart literally skipped a beat then.

“H-hae... Are you sure?”

Gently, he lifted my head from his bare chest and brought it closer to his. He pressed his lips lightly to mine and whispered, “Yes I am baby, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.” He then added, solemnly, “The thought of missing you alone is becoming unbearable to me” he said, hands cupping my cheek, caressing them softly.

I gulped and blurted out, “B-but what about your fans? What if they found out about us? You could lose your job. What if they hate you because of it? What if t—” when he suddenly kissed me, cutting me off.

He laughed lightly and murmured, “Enough with the 'what if's, you think too much. Let them know baby, and if they don’t accept you, then I don’t need them to accept me.”

I gasped, “Hae!”

“What? That’s seriously what I think. You are my first priority anyway, it always been and will”

Feeling the sting in my eyes and hot tears began trickling down, I buried my head to his neck, sobbing fervently. Donghae hushed me, rubbing my back in comforting manner lovingly. “Aw Hyukkie don’t cry” he muttered. I nodded and let out a muffled sorry.

Looking up from beneath my glistening lashes I leaned forward and kissed him. All my doubts and regrets gone into thin air. As always, I concluded, my suffering, his loneliness are all worth it. Feeling my stomach flutters as he moved his lips against mine, I couldn’t do nothing but to kiss him, summing up all my love for him in it.

author's note: this was supposed to be a drabble /sobs. so i just had my 3 days NYAA camp, which was hell i tell you. Having no phone, internet and away from civilization, my insane brain just kept thinking about suju/hae/eunhae lol

anywayy, i started this out as a drabble and i think i failed in the term of 'few lines' --"
sorry if its confusing, i kinda just wrote the things that were on my mind♥
Tags: fanfictions, oneshots, pairing: donghaexeunhyuk
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