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[fic] potential one-night stand

Potential One-Night Stand
donghae/eunhyuk. 2286 words. nc-17. smut
“I thought people have sex with their boyfriends for free?”

Cheers, Moans and Laughters.

All the three things that both Donghae and Hyukjae hear everyday, same place, same time, same reasons.

“Come on, Hae!!’ Shouted one of his customers, obviously drunk, as he ground his hips against the black polished pole right in the middle of the stage. Lost in the heated passion, he ground on and licked the ever standing pole sensually, teasing whoever was watching, which means, freaking literally everybody.

Loud groans were heard from the first row of seats, the most expensive and hard to get seats and he let out a heavenly sigh, slowly and seductively, arousing more of them. Being the number one striptease he was, he gave his trained hips another light roll against the pole expertly. More moans and hitched breaths were heard and shamelessly enough, they were music to his ears.

Scanning through the room swiftly he had his heart skipped a beat when he saw him there, right at the end of the first row, eyeing him hungrily as he groped himself, his fly wide open, wanton moans threatening to spill from his red plump lips. Donghae cursed himself as he stared at the man openly, licking his suddenly dry lip and feeling a rushed urge to touch himself.

Loud whistles and catcalls woke him up from his growing fantasy, one that involves him, his faithful customer, bed and nudity. It was indeed a nice one. He mentally slapped himself hard, he still had works to do. With renewed determination he forced himself to look away from the delicious view though his mind still replaying the sight of the unknown man, pleasuring himself unashamedly.

Raising his right leg high and hooking it around his pole, Donghae brushed his growing arousal against the cold metal, moaning at the sensation it sent to his body.

Surely enough, the crowds cheered, groaned, whistled and moaned at him of what he just did. And for the first time Donghae didn’t care. Smirking smugly he lowered his hand and began massaging his own manhood with his shiny leather pants in between. Squeezing his eyes shut, he let his head fall back in ecstasy, imagining that the warmth and pressure on his cock were from a certain man’s hand, or even better... mouth

“F-fuck...” He heard someone exclaimed out loud, desperate. His eyes flew open to confirm his thought. Confirmed, yes it was him

Donghae widened his eyes in surprise when he saw him with his pants halfway down his milky white legs, both hands rubbing fervently at his hugely erected member as he watched Donghae stripping his perfect body. He was panting, his fiery red hair plastered on his face as his body glistened with a light sheen of sweat. Obviously the man just had his orgasm and Donghae couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than the sight before his eyes.



Fuck it

And before he knew it loud protests were sounded, whimpers of dissatisfaction were aired and honestly Donghae couldn’t care less. He cooly strutted towards the oblivious man, who was still lolling due to his release. Without any notice he sat down on the man’s exposed lap, startling him and quickly proceeded to button up his pants, making sure to let his twitching hands ‘accidentally’ brushed the confused man’s member swiftly. At the touch, the other jerked his body in surprise and let out a choked groan from the back of his throat.

Donghae pulled the blushing man up to his wobbly feet, tugging his hand, motioning at the other to follow.

“Hae! What’s this? Who’s that? We wanna go with you too! “ he heard someone whined out loud, followed quickly by agreeing sounds of the others and girls’ disappointed whimpers. He sighed and turned to face the upset crowds. Winking, he said cheerfully,

“Sorry guys! He’s a special customer here.” And with that he left, not before blowing a kiss at the unconvinced crowds with a red faced man in hand.

Hyukjae didn’t understand a thing. He couldn’t believe his luck, that after almost a year of coming to the club on daily basis, his crush, the famous Lee Donghae finally noticed him. He could almost cry in tears right at that moment if he hadn’t busied himself, fighting his arousal.

Being born in a rich family, Hyukjae had spent a great sum of money only to reserve his private seat every night in the club. Who would ever thought that falling in love with a local stripper would cost so much? Not that he’s complaining. Not when the striptease is extremely sexy and arousing. Not when the striptease is Lee Donghae.

Still, he didn’t understand a single thing.

“Uhmn.. Where are we going?” asked Hyukjae nervously, looking down at his feet. Donghae then pulled him inside of a room without a word. “D-donghae-sshi?” Hyukjae asked as he was pushed in while the other closed the door. The room was big and sweet scented with a huge bed right in the middle of it.

“My private room,” breathed Donghae suddenly against Hyukjae’s ear, giving the red headed man a cold shiver right down his spine.

“Y-your private room? But—” Hyukjae began before being cut up roughly by a pair of lips crashing against his own. He gasped in surprise, giving entrance to Donghae’s demanding tongue to slip down his mouth and began sucking at his. Hyukjae moaned and bucked his hips when he felt hand palming his still bulging erection.

Donghae hummed at the kiss, making the other thought of how right and matched their lips are. It felt to him that they are made to be pressed together. The kiss somehow tasted sweet and perfect, just like the way he had numerously imagined before, only better. Much more better.

He felt the world around him spun wildly as they kissed. Unconsciously his hands found their way to the other’s back and front, caressing every inch of it. He groaned when Donghae’s hand slipped under his shirt, creeping up his torso and finally settled for his taut nipples, thumbing and twisting them playfully. Hyukjae moaned out loud as he suddenly felt warm hand fingering him. When did Donghae undo his pants and slid his boxer down unknown to him.

“D-donghae-sshi...” stuttered Hyukjae awkwardly, wanting nothing that to strip the other naked and fucked him hard on the bed... or being fucked hard on the bed, whichever he didn’t really care.

Donghae pulled him on a kiss again, wounding his arms around Hyukjae’s neck, drawing him closer for a deeper kiss. “Hmmmn?”

“Are you sure about this?”

Chuckling, Donghae tilted his head, pressing his lips against Hyukjae. “Of course I am. Are you?”

“I... I am...” Hyukjae whispered and kissed Donghae, the one man he has been crushing at, the one he imagines whenever he’s masturbating, the one starring his dreams every single night. Hyukjae raised his hands, letting them explore the front side of Donghae’s muscular chest and abs before slipping them under his tight pants and began to tug them eagerly.

Donghae frowned and pushed him backward softly. Much to Hyukjae’s confusion, he took Hyukjae’s shirt off smoothly and pushed him gently, making him fell on the bed with a faint yelp.

“I thought you are supposed to be the stripper?” asked Hyukjae, looking up from the bed. He felt a blush rushing up his face, embarrassed on being the only one stark naked on the bed.

“Well yeah, but you know, stripping others is a hell lot more fun” replied Donghae, licking his lips at the sight. Hyukjae, on his bed, wantonly lying on his back with a flushed face, panting. Yumm.

Hyukjae choked a gasp when Donghae went on top of him, straddling his proudly standing member, nuzzling the red head’s neck and chest, bitting, licking and scraping the milky white skin harshly, leaving trails of hickeys on it. He moaned loudly at the feel of the rough leather directly against his cock.

Donghae then, being a tease that he was, kissed his way down to the other’;s lower region and put Hyukjae’s wholly into his mouth, licking it expertly with his tongue, forcing his way down on the leaking slit, as if trying to widen it with his left hand gripping on the man’s thigh tightly and another fingering him on the base.

Hyukjae grunted and breathed out, with difficulty, “Y-you cocktease.” Donghae smirked at it . “I know.” he sing said before pulled up, kneeling with his knees in either sides of Hyukjae. He quickly undressed himself with Hyukjae’s bulging and wide eyes staring right at his body, taking it all in. When Donghae was as naked as him, Hyukjae pulled him slowly and rolled himself on top of the stripper. He stared down at him with lusted eyes and began tracing his skin with the tip of his fingers lightly.

He stopped at Donghae’s ass and looked at the man beneath him questioningly, asking permission. Donghae shook his head solemnly.

“I never bottomed before” he said, biting his lower lip. “And I don’t think I want to start the habit right now... Take it or leave it.” He said and added nervously. Much to his disappointment, Hyukjae snorted at it and lifted his body up. Donghae sighed understandingly when suddenly the other man slammed down his length, riding him raw.

Hyukjae moaned and felt hot tears flowed down from his eyes both from the ripping pain and indescribable pleasure.

Groaning soundly, Donghae arched his back. ‘Oh shit’ he kept muttering as he raised his hands and gripped Hyukjae’s hips hard enough for it to leave bruises, steadying Hyukjae as he bounced up and down in search of his prostate, groaning out loud and fastening the pace when he found it.

Donghae shut his eyes pleasure and blindly reached for Hyukjae’s neglected cock which was twitching and hard with precum leaking dangerously. Pitying the other, he grabbed the member firmly, making his faithful customer groaned in pleasure. He then began pumping it, in a steady rhythm as Hyukjae rode him.

One. Two. One. Two.

When they both came, Hyukjae screamed Donghae’s name out loud in his moment of bliss while Donghae just gasped, gritting his teeth, “Fuck!”

Gasping and panting like crazy, Hyukjae lifted his hips, hissing as Donghae’s spent member slid out of him smoothly, wet from his own cum. He moaned as he felt his entrance dripping with milky white liquid, onto Donghae’s heaved abs and chest and onto the bed sheet. Hyukjae slid his forefinger inside, scraped it on his wall and brought it to his lips where he began to suck and lick at it fervently, with Donghae watching him, lust burning in his eyes.

“Do I taste good?” Donghae asked huskily as he bit down on Hyukjae’s nape, leaving strays of kisses there.

Hyukjae grinned “Why don’t you taste it yourself?” he said, licked his finger for the last time and turned over. He pressed his dripping mouth against the other’s. Donghae smilled into the kiss and gave Hyukjae’s lips a lick, asking permission while tasting his own cum, which he noted was bitter.

Hyukjae complied and opened his mouth, submissively letting Donghae explore his cavern, making it familiar. Donghae moaned as they tongues tangled together. He could taste a faint taste of strawberry, cigars, alcohol and his now sweet tasted cum.

Feeling exhausted, they both fell asleep immediately, in each other’s embrace.


“Wake up sleepyhead... Hyukjae heard the other murmured softly to his ear. He frowned and groaned but immediately opened his heavy lidded eyes drowsily when he felt tongue, swirling on the back of his ear. He smiled.



Donghae had already put his pants on and only left Hyukjae to drool over his finely defined abs and back muscles as he proceeded to wear his shirt. “You are leaving already?” Hyukjae asked, couldn’t help but to feel disappointed.

Donghae nodded. “Yeah, I already broke the rules by bringing you here. So, I need to go now, uhmmn...” he said and frowned.

“Hyukjae. I’m Lee Hyukjae”

“Right, Hyukkie.” Donghae nodded seriously.

Hyukkie? Hyukjae thought, fighting the blush that was coming up to his flawless cheeks.
“Oh, okay” he said weakly, hoping his disappointment was not as through as what he heard himself talking. Again Donghae nodded and motioned for Hyukjae to come over him, which the older man obeyed shyly, noting that he was still fully naked.

Donghae grinned. “Bye baby. I’ll see you later okay.” he whispered pulling the exposed man into a deep kiss.

“My other customers are waiting.”

Hyukjae felt his heart fell on the floor. Oh yeah, he’s a stripper. The most famous and expensive one at that. One must pay him a really great sum of money to even only have him touch them in the slightest.

And there he was, blushing madly at the thought of their last night together.

“Uhhh... Donghae-sshi?”

“Just call me Hae.”

“Right. Hae” he said, biting his bruised lip nervously. “How much and how should I pay you for last night?” he asked, shaking with sadness as he willed his tears not to come. At least not until he’s gone.

Donghae just looked at him with confusion in his twinkling eyes. “Uhmnn, I never really had a relationship with other people before, not the serious ones anyway...” He bit his lip and tilted his head cutely before adding,

“I thought people have sex with their boyfriends for free?”

author's note: I-i feel dirty omg /facepalms. please don't hate me for this. anyway, you guys should totally see the MBC vids. God, they are full of awesome! Donghae ♥♥ They won the MVP hell yeah!
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